Blogging University, Intro To Poetry #9

Intro To Poetry Day 9

Blogging U. Intro To Poetry Day 9

Hello Everyone!

Hmmmm! I have to think about this one. 

Hmmmm! Let me call Maple to see if she has any ideas. She’s great with writing.

  1. Hey Maple, can you give me a hand at “Apostrophe” poetry?
  2.  Hey Hope, this is one of your class requirements and I believe you are to do it on your own – right?
  3. Hey Maple, I know, I know. Let me start with the alphabet and pick a letter. Thanks Maple!
    • Here I go, ready or not!
      • Have you ever been stumped on how to do something,
      • Well that’s me and this poem,
      • Maple is a great friend. She has great thoughts,
      • And boy can she write,
      • She knows I have a hard time with something new to me,
      • But Maple just gave me a kick in the rear and says – YOU can do it!
      • I almost gave up!
      • Thanks Maple you’re the best!!!!

Have a great day! Hope