Blogging University, Everyday Inspiration #10

Everyday Inspiration #10

Blogging University Everyday Inspiration #10

Hmmmm! What should I write about?

I would love to write a story about thoughts I have had off and on. The words are in my head, but when it comes to writing my brain goes – poof – it just evaporated.

Let me give it a try.

A few years ago I got a cat named Ginger Mae. She was a beautiful Calico. I swear Family pictures 006until the day she died her certain spots would change color or would stay the same color but get larger.
Ginger was a talker. And I do mean talker! She had an opinion for everything. When my son came home from work and didn’t say hello to her, she went after him and letting him know he forgot about her.

I always wanted to write a mystery book about her helping me solve problems, Spying Girl_3situations, strange noises either inside or outside our building. We live in a condo complex, our building has sixty (60) condo units. There should be a lot to write about – but like I said – my brain goes poof.

Now I have a male cat named Milo, he is a domestic short hair. So let’s see what domestic short hairs are all about.

Domestic Shorthairs are of mixed ancestry, so their temperaments can be hard to predict. Some cats are quiet and docile while others are more active and vocal. Some are affectionate, while others are independent. Most are playful when they are young. Some enjoy the company of children and other pets.

  • IMG_1576Take a guess at which temperament Milo has.
    • Come on now – take a guess????
    • If you guessed active, vocal – you are CORRECT. Gold star for you!
      • This is where Milo throws a curve ball. He is both independent, affectionate, (it depends on how Milo feels that day.
    • And can’t leave off very playful. He’s still considered a kitten until at least four (4) years old.

Now see that! I did it again! Instead of writing a mystery story, I wrote about Ginger Mae and Milo. And I’m glad I did. I hope you enjoyed it.

Have a great day! Hope 1258127619992355676j4p4n_Thinking_Woman_-_7.svg.hi

Pictures from, Graphics & my iPhone 6