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Everyday Expiration #12

The Movie  – Ms. Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

I wasn’t able to go to the show for this movie. Come to think of it, it’s been awhile that I even went to see a movie. I watched it on TV and I must say I found it very enjoyable, kept me  in suspense. Fictional town of Cairnholm in Wales. Too bad they didn’t use sections of Wales by the ocean. 

What I don’t understand is why it didn’t last at the shows that long? If you’re not into fantasy with unbelievable characters, great acting, not crazy about things with imagination then this movie was not for you.

Ms. Peregrine played by Eva Green (she played in Penny Dreadful).  She is a Ymbryne which is a particular kind of peculiar that can change into one kind of bird and can create and maintain a time loop.

Judi Dench Miss Avocet is also a Ymbryne.

Samuel L. Jackson is Mr. Barron played as a “Wight”. Image result for miss peregrine mr barronTo find out what a “Wight” is you will have to watch the movie or read the book.

Asa Butterfield is Jacob Portman — A 16-year-old American teenager and the protagonist of the story. Jacob encountered the peculiar children’s orphanage run by Miss Peregrine after his grandfather Abraham is killed by a monster.

Pixie Davies is Bronwyn Bruntley — She appears as a young adolescent. Bronwyn is imbued with incredible strength like her brother Victor. She is considered another motherly figure apart from Miss Peregrine for the younger children like Olive and Claire in the books. Bronwyn is extremely loyal and kind-hearted and will do anything for her friends.

For more excitement, fantasy, time loops either see the movie on TV or read the book. Don’t forget to check more books written by Ransom Riggs.

child levitating stiffly over a dirt path The book is by Ransom Riggs. No I haven’t read it yet, it’s on my list.

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