Blogging University, Everyday Inspiration #18

Everyday Inspiration #18

Blogging University Everyday Inspiration Day 18

Hmmm! I have to really think about this one.

When you watch a movie or read a book do you ever put yourself in there as an invisible character, a guard to watch over the ones that can’t fight for themselves. How about making sure hair, makeup, shoes, clothes, pictures, sound is okay for production.

Or do you place yourself as a director, producer, graphic person, costume designer.

What is the genre you like the most?

Me I like fantasy, dark fantasy, action, adventure, animation, spy films, historical drama, science fiction. If you like imagination, ingenuity, visualization, illusion, originality you know which pictures you love yourself. 

  1. i.e. Ms. Pergerine’s Home For Peculiar Children
  2. Guardians Of The Galaxy
  3. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2
  4. Transformers 
  5. Ghostbusters
  6. The Mummy
  7. Moana
  8. Alice In Wonderland
  9. Alice Through The Looking Glass
  10. The Fifth Element
  11. Hellboy I & II
  12. Ant-Man
  13. Suicide Squad 
  14. Jurassic World

There are move coming out this year, won’t be able to see at the show. I will be waiting for them to come on TV.  And I know you can guess which genres I like.

  • There are many, many other movies genres I like, if I added them this blog would be twenty (20) pages long.
  • That’s a lot of reading
  • Plus a lot of typing, corrections, reviewing, more typing, more corrections, more reviewing before I publish my post.

I don’t want to bore anyone, including myself.

You may not agree with me, but that’s okay, in fact super okay! Everyone has their own thoughts, tastes, genres they love. If we were all the same – WE WOULD BE SOOOO BORING!!!!

Have a great day! Hope betty boop8 I love this phase!