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Everyday Inspiration #11

If we were having coffee right now…Coffee-Download-PNG

Would be making plans for our next weekend

  • ME: What month do yo want to go to the WTE (World Tattoo Events)?BettyBoop_6
    • GRACIE: Not sure yet
  • ME: We have to make up our minds for month and which show. Come on! Come on! We also have to book plane tickets and hotel reservations.
    • GRACIE: Okay! Okay! How about September 8th, in Montreal?
  • ME: GREAT! That gives us plenty of time, plus it’s their 15th Art Tattoo convention! 

Let’s get a second cup we have plenty to do this summer!

  • clipart-girl-wearing-pink-glasses-smiley-emoticon-512x512-82b9

    ME: Wash windows, wash carpets, take clothes in to donation center,

  • GRACIE: You are really a killjoy! I’m thinking about the museums we want to go to, flower show, muscle car rally, the setup for fair don’t forget.clipart-cute-shy-girl-smiley-emoticon-512x512-65b4
  • ME: You are so right! The other stuff can be done in winter.


 Have a great day! Hope cropped-1920-women.png

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