Blogging University, Everyday Inspiration #17

Everyday Inspiration #17


Blogging University Everyday Inspiration Day 17

Hi everyone! Are your ready for a whirlwind trip? Get ready here we go!

  1. Take a cab to O’Hare airport located in Chicago, IL USA. Go to International area, check baggage, passport checked, call for boarding and we have take off.
  2. Next stop Rhyl, Wales, UK
  3. WOW! This a long, long, long flight. It’s time for another walk down the airplane aisle. You have to keep your circulation going. Plus if you are older (I’m a couple of eons old) your bones get stiff and creaky if you don’t move.
  4. I’m getting so excited, we are now landing.
  5. Off the plane, going through their security, getting luggage, getting in cab and off to the hotel.
  6. Now in hotel, unpacking, taking a nap, now getting something to eat and find out where we are going tomorrow.
  7. I know where I’m going. Hopefully will see the rabbit. Rabbit that’s right, the one from Alice In Wonderland. Just in case you didn’t know I have another site called “Bonkers Away”.


Yes! You got it! I’m on the trail of the Mad Hatter, Chess (Cheshire cat), 

Mallymkum (the Dormouse),  Baynard the hound, Queen of Hearts, Absolem (caterpillar), White Queen and the rest of the troop.

  • Now are you wondering how do I know where to go?
  • Well I received an invitation from Chess, Mallymkum, Baynard and Absolem to celebrate Mad Hatter’s 152 years young birthday. There is a map inside which I can not show anyone else.
  • I’m all set to meet the Hatter, give him a surprise gift I know he will love. And of course to meet everyone else.

Have a great day! Hope 

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