Blogging University, Everyday Inspiration #14

Everyday Inspiration #14



  • Have you ever wondered if you might travel around the world? 
    • It doesn’t have to be in eighty (80) days!
  • How many days do you think it would take you?
  •    How many nights will you stay in each country? Will you sleep in hotels?  Or somewhere else?
  • How would you understand all the different languages?
  • What type of money is used in each country you go to? 
    • Do you think some countries may use the same, especially if they are next to each other?
  • Is there a country or maybe a couple of countries you want to visit and stay longer?
  • Going with a relative(s)?
  • Going with a friend(s)?
  • Or are you braving this trip on your own?
  • How many maps would you need to travel around the world?
  • Will you have a guide waiting for you in each country when you land?
  • How much will it cost you to travel from here USA to your first country you will land in?
    • How will you travel to the other countries? Plane, train, automobile, camel, horse, donkey, foot? Oh! Your more feet!
    • Are some right next to each other?
  • Is your passport up to date?
  • Do you have a transmitter to use in countries that have no phone reception?
  • What information do you need?
  • Do you have all your shots to travel in each country?

My head is spinning with more questions, but that’s it for me right now.

Have a great day! Hope 

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Blogging University Everyday Inspiration Day 14


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