Blogging University, Everyday Inspiration #13

Everyday Inspiration #13


A little bit of everything….

  • Have you ever been a passenger on the love train?
  • What is a magnet?
  • Paper is an incredibly versatile substance made from naturally occurring plant fibres called cellulose. 
  • Look over there! Someone is breaking into that car.
    • Do you or your friend feel committed to call the police or English Bobby? 
  • I was so drained, thirsty, dry mouth, skin burnt for being in that sun that I had an illusion 10 big life guard hunks came to same me. BOY! What an ILLUSION!!!!
  • Paragon (Maya) is a fictional character from Electronic Arts who first appeared in Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects.
  • Of course we go through “loopsourselves but don’t even realize it. Have you ever felt like you did the same things as another day? Or maybe you dreamed it.
  • Do you remember the song by Elvis Presley – Love Me Tender? That was a beautiful song.
  • WOW! Nice job polishing your antique automobile.
  • What a word! Imaginary = imagination = unreal = illusory = made-up = fictional. 
  • What Star Wars Character made the most impression on you? 
  • Billy The Kid – Notorious outlaw of the Wild West

The little bits above are from my other blogging site

Have a great day! Hope 

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Blogging University Everyday Inspiration Day 13



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