Blogging University, Everyday Inspiration #9

Everyday Inspiration #9

If I had more time I could write about; 1226202603516597231sheikh_tuhin_Diary.svg.hi

  • png_Rain-CloudWeather
  • Home Care
  • Detective stories Spying Girl_3using my cat Ginger (she passed, but gives, Milo & me a helping hand, oops should be paw. 
  • Pull all documents together, put in order, add notations what they are for
  • Strange/odd things I have seen or have happened to me
  • The true meaning about “bonkers”. Yes I am “bonkers”!
    • From Alice In Wonderland: 
    • mad hatterThe MAD HATTER: Have I gone MAD?
    • ALICE: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely “bonkers”.
    • But I’ll tell you a secret.
      • All the BEST people are.
  • My dreams
  • My favorite to write about is – What I want to do when I grow up! cute_baby_girl_with_red_hair_and_pink_bow

I wish I could write all day BUT that would truly burn me out. Like everyone else I have daily chores. I think I’m going to have a normal day and all of a sudden, something comes up and I’m out the door. I love to knit hats, scarves, finger-less gloves and that keeps me busy in the evenings. 

  • To me writing takes me longer to process than others – why – you ask?
    • Well I like to use clip art and photos to go along with what I am writing.
    • And of course proof it a few times.

I do hope people enjoy my blogs, puts a smile on their face, say to themselves this person is really “bonkers”.

Have a great day! Hope 1258127619992355676j4p4n_Thinking_Woman_-_7.svg.hi

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